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Teeth Whitening

We begin with your dental examination and cleaning, taking care to check for the presence of dental caries and repairing them before whitening, if applicable. The dentist then takes your impressions to design gutters for home whitening sessions. During a second appointment, you receive your chairside whitening treatment, which lasts 30 to 45 minutes. Of course, this treatment does not involve any risk for your health and you will feel no pain during the whitening session.

To achieve the desired objective, chairside whitening is followed by home treatment with your personalized gutters. Depending on the initial colour of your teeth, we will determine the number of sessions that suits you (generally 7). For about 7 consecutive days, you will have the choice of sleeping with your gutters all night, or wearing them for an hour or two during the day, depending on whether you opt for the accelerated formula.

Don’t worry. We’ll be available to answer all your questions and will ensure that everything goes well during your teeth whitening. We always adapt the treatment to each patient’s special conditions.

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