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Bad breath (halitosis) is a common problem and a nuisance for its sufferers.

The following factors may contribute to halitosis:

  • Poor oral care (technique, frequency)
  • Bacterial growth on the tongue
  • Breathing through the mouth
  • Low saliva flow
  • Oral infections (cavities, gingivitis, etc.)
  • Obsolete dental restorations
  • Tonsil infection
  • Certain foods (onions, garlic and spices)
  • Alcohol and cigarettes

How can chronic bad breach be remedied?

First of all, check with your dentist to determine whether you have an infection or whether your dental restorations are adequate. If these factors are not an issue, the problem may be related to your eating habits or your oral care. Your hygienist will be pleased to teach you proper tooth brushing techniques and how to use dental floss.  It may also help to chew sugarless gum containing xylitol or to gargle twice a day with alcohol-free mouthwash. Avoid gargling more often, however, or you could worsen rather than fix the problem.

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