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Fixed Orthodontics Devices

Dental braces are orthodontic devices commonly used to straighten teeth.

How braces work:

The dental professional glues brackets on each tooth with a cement-based solution, then ties them together with a metal archwire. Elastics can be used to keep the wires in the bracket slots.

Patients sometimes feel pressure against their teeth shortly after their braces are installed or during adjustments. Applying orthodontic wax generally relieves this discomfort.

Oral hygiene tips:

  • You have to be even more diligent with brushing and flossing, because braces are conducive to plaque build-up.
  • Watch your kids when they brush to make sure all the surfaces get clean. If the plaque isn’t completely removed, it could stain the enamel.

Consult any staff member at the Centre Dentaire Don Quichotte to learn proper oral hygiene techniques and to find out about orthodontic maintenance.

At the Centre Dentaire Don Quichotte, we offer family and cosmetic dental care. We tailor our treatments and services to your needs, while providing a calming environment.

Dental care can make people nervous. It’s normal and we understand it. If you feel anxious about dental care, tell our staff and we’ll do our best to make your visit a pleasant one. We even offer painless dental anaesthesia.

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