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Bruxism is a generally an unconscious activity that involves grinding of the teeth, either during sleep or while awake. Most people tend develop the habit while sleeping.

Over the relatively long term, bruxism can cause the following side effects:

  • Premature tooth wear
  • Gum damage (ex.: gingival recession)
  • Tooth/gum sensitivity
  • Jaw cracking, pain or tension
  • Non-restorative sleep
  • Headache or earache

Probable Causes:

To date, research has not yet clearly revealed the causes underlying this problem, but stress and anxiety appear to play a decisive role.  Poor dental restoration, tooth misalignment or ATM dysfunction may also contribute to the development of this habit.

Since health and the appearance of your teeth are among our major concerns, our clinic offers solutions to counter the effects of teeth grinding. If you think that bruxism may be a problem for you, please feel free to consult our staff for advice.

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